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It's not a mind virus. It's word magic. Deception. Not just wordplay or games. It’s latent energy. It moves and transforms by the mechanism of words themselves not just affecting, manipulating and managing the Left. It's working on you too. Words are not only powerful but power itself. This is the deceptive craft at work that the Left uses. Understand the forces at work.


Words only have the meaning we give them. It is we who supply the energy and power to words that afford those ideas/concepts any utility at all. The Left controls the words and the language, right? You understand that much. Word magic is utilized all around us and by us everyday mostly as unwitting fools (on social media, then person-to-person contact). It is used by well-intentioned people in their bid to combat Leftism erroneously believing that they are actually fighting it rather than being a part of the same craft that is being utilized to transform reality on a whole. We are our own worst enemies.


"Words are being used to reshape the temporal world into a cosmic hell".


If you don't participate with the Leftist clusterfuck of Word Magic, then they have no power. If you harness that energy yourself, well, now we’re talking. Word Magic is a significant component of the baalshit we ourselves are used to fuel in not only these Culture Wars but throughout time and history. High vibration individuals must be vigilant. "They" continue to steal our energies to build momentum for their nefarious purposes. Remember, these people have been at this for a very long time. They are a multi-generational occult syndicate. They run the show and what a show it is.


Remember, no word has any meaning whatsoever outside of what we subscribe to it or consent to and then go on to proliferate. You have the power to reject or fuel word magic but you have to recognize it. Look. See. Know. Word magic is a strong component of the Left's success in molding present culture into a tragic future of endless calamity where darkness reigns. A concept or idea is transmitted via the crafting of the "idea" symbolism into existing words, crafting wording to achieve predictable responses. That's why I always say that the greatest invention of all time was language. If you don't like the word, wording or language, don't use it. It's that easy, but by expressing sentiment against it you proliferate it. That's the real key to our hi-tech world of social media and virtual living. Only masters create meaning.


That's what you have to understand. It is by your own response good or bad (which response is predicted and predictable) that sets the wheels in motion. It requires your direct participation. Words mean nothing and must always be qualified. But words are craft, utilized to trigger responses and actualize a network of control mechanisms. You're only required to utilize the word or wording that they have provided as predetermined to give it power. So, who is the NPC now?


This is how the Culture War is being dictated by the Left, pumped out by corporations, news media, Hollywood, etc.


The concept/word has to be recognized by the individual, consented to, to allow it to take form and grow. The concept has to latch on, take root, be internalized, and then it's propounded onward to others repeating a facsimile of the cycle of that energy themselves. Not the most articulate explanation but it's the best I can do. Ideas are weapons and words are used as such now and always. You have observed it yourself whether you recognized it or not. It seems like a very simple thing but it is a highly sophisticated craft. Extremely effective craft. I'm just asking you to break the cycle. STFU. All manner of useful idiots are used by the Lefthand path and you are immersed in it. Normies and the rest can be excused in a sense for their ignorance. Not the rest of us. Once you speak the word it's out there, you gave it power. You invited it. Your energy is used by the Left. They can't do it alone. It's just like politics where Republicans and Democrats fill space and fulfill their roles. You have to be able to recognize a threat first in order to combat it. I don't want to combat those that perceive themselves as my allies. Take charge of that slur, that word, that concept, that idea. Don't hate on it. Disarm it. Disarm the Leftists by not giving power to their Word Magic.

So, a trite example, the word "Karen". They either drop a word into pop culture or co-opt an existing word, and then craft the new concept behind it while at the same time using your energy to build momentum around it, proliferate it, and weaponize it. It’s the proliferation that works best in furtherance of the craft to weaponize it. Your own energy/participation.


What does Karen mean? Loosely, it means a white female busybody that doesn't 'mind her business'. That's the root. 'Mind your business'. Basic message. It's crafted to generate Anti-white hate in order to neutralize White people or anyone from speaking out frankly (especially against the things to come you'll see how it evolves to stifle dissent from the depravity to come). I can do this with any of their words. This one is designed to evoke violence in low vibration individuals (not any different than the word n*gger) and outrage is generated by others on the other side of that balance that believe they can fight a word/a slur. That's what they have you fighting. An impossible dissipation of energy on your part. You can't use baalshit to fight baalshit. You gotta start recognizing it as baalshit. Don't play with the Left's toys/words at all. So, then you express your disdain for words infusing that negative energy and going on to plant seeds in others. You're a dumb ass. Be smarter. The Left has done the same thing in crafting the imagery and venom behind the words they promote to evoke the imagery of violence. Some of those words are racist, white supremacist, Nazi, etc.


How do we disarm Word Magic? Don’t use the Left's vernacular. That's your mission. Disarm them. We certainly do not spew the negative/destructive energy onward spreading it to others who can't recognize what it is and then go on to spread it themselves. You can call me a Karen or any slur. Guess, what? I decide if I will utilize any words, if I will participate and how I will utilize a word or idea within my own vernacular. Perhaps I will wield the power myself. I think you should too.


Guess what? You call me a Karen? Bitch, I'm Super Boss Karen. Ok? And as such I'm here to tell you that you CANNOT do that. I'm saying, No to your baalshit. I do not consent. I'm saying no to the normalization of pedophilia, violence, trauma, endless wars, causing individuals to be limited to residing in base impulse, theft, debauchery, the war on the family, and androgynous ritual sex culture and the new normal. All of it.


Karen means, Nah ah muthafucka.


People are dangerous who believe themselves to be on the right/moral side but give power to fuel the very things that are trying to destroy us all. Do not internalize Leftist crap. Do not harbor hate even against known enemies. This will not win the day. It's designed to infect you, flourish within you, control you, direct you, manipulate you, and spread. You can't use the tools of the Left to combat the Left. Meaning their deceptive word magic or ill-will. They operate by harnessing your energy. Deny them it. Words are the mechanism by which power is and has always been used against the people for ages. But you’re the creators. Not them. Embrace your own higher power, start by controlling how your energy is utilized. Choose your words carefully. When you are able to work effectively in this arena, you will come into your power and see the shifting of momentum. This applies to all words and concepts. Do you understand meme warfare now? 

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