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 BetrayedCatholics FAQsCatacomb Catholics Biblical Proof of Sedevacantism*3 Main V2 Errors*V2 Council Binding on V2 Members [Trad clerics are NOT Catholic clerics]**

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Liberalism =* Truth [1]Islam Truth [2]

*In short:  We haven't had a real Catholic Pope since Pius XII, who died on the 9th of October in 1958.* / the book The Phantom Church In Rome by the site’s author [T. Benns] is the only contemporary source that seems overall worth recommending on the topic of Sedevacantism [based on the Latin term "sede vacante" / "the seat is vacant" - meaning that the Chair of St. Peter in the Vatican is empty, as during an interregnum between the reigns of the old & new Pope] - whereas other sources seem fundamentally misguided [anti-Christ groups/stances to avoid include:  MHFM, Feeneyism & Papacy-Pushing].  The people currently occupying the Vatican are NOT the real Catholic Church - as you can probably imagine, this has life-changing consequences for all global citizens [including non-Catholics]:  Among else, it's the biggest political scam in human history.  To use an example for the sake of argument [which isn't perfect, since the real Catholic Church is a divine institution & secular presidencies are only human institutions]:  Imagine if I [as a non-US citizen] infiltrated the White House with our non-US friends, you helped me break / sneak into the Oval Office & I declared myself to be the winner of the US presidential election because enough of our buddies voted for me - then I appeared [although never actually had the authority] to change the US Constitution + Bill of Rights + National Anthem / pass laws / hold a council / appoint my successor as Vice President [who later took over after I died] & enough people only discovered the truth about my lack of US citizenship [& therefore my lack of eligibility for US presidency] years AFTER my death when my successor's successors had already taken over.


The first Vatican 2 'usurper' [John 23rd] was never an eligible candidate for papal election in the first place, since he had been previously dismissed from his seminary teaching position for being suspected of heresy [Modernism] which was enough to make him an unworthy candidate according to the real Catholic Church's own laws [+ loads of other evidence against him that came to light years later - aided by the invention of the internet, etc.].  Billions of people [many if not most of whom live in the Global South in poverty & may not have easy access to this information in their native languages] have been duped into a false sect without realising it, having been robbed of their right to make an informed choice on the matter.

One of the clearest examples of how we know Vatican 2 cannot be legit is that the real Catholic Church always condemned Islam & its evils from the beginning, yet Vatican 2 Council documents literally PRAISE Islam - these 2 stances are diametrically opposed / inherently incompatible with each other [the truth doesn't change & God isn't a liar].  Vatican 2 formally preaches all sorts of evil, while claiming to be preaching good - that's how we know they're not like the good kind of angel, but rather the fallen / demonic kind that God warned us against in the Bible:  "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema." [Galatians 1:8]


How on earth can any compassionate person be OK with what’s been going on in the false Vatican 2 sect, after the institutional child-abuse scandals / cover-ups?  Given the corrupt formal / official teachings of its leaders, if the false Vatican 2 sect actually were the real Catholic Church [which it isn't] then we'd be forced to conclude that God's Church is evil [which She isn't] & therefore that God is evil [which He isn't].  The child-abuse was a main reason why I couldn't stand what I falsely thought was the real Catholic Church [as an atheist / agnostic, it alienated me & others from true Christianity / Catholicsm] & is a huge red flag [in addition to the fact that Vatican 2 condoned the medically unnecessary / harmful / abortion-enabling Corona "vaccine", which is part of an ableist / ageist / classist / misogynistic / racist / anti-natalist / misanthropic eugenics-culture - see the link(s) below].  The spiritual damage caused by Vatican 2 has been catastrophic.

The real Catholic Church's enemies corrupted Her followers, infiltrated Her seminaries, took over Her buildings / external infrastructure, set up a false counter-church as imposters, enabled the dishonest rewriting of history & abused children while claiming to be Catholic - this has slanderously resulted in countless people hating what they falsely think is the real Catholic Church.  They also staged an illegitimate coup that took over an entire country / city-state [Vatican City] & involved financial / political fraud / several suspicious deaths, which has somehow gone unnoticed by many [if not most] people 60+ years later [seemingly due to pathological / degenerate modernists not paying attention properly & instead allowing themselves to be distracted by apathetic cowardice / liberal hedonism / fascist cruelty / lack of healthy self-preservation & priorities].  It seems almost certain that only God could verifiably restore the Papacy via a supernatural miracle.


How to Deduce Your Way Logically to the Truth:

I was born / raised in the false Vatican 2 sect [the world’s biggest fake cult] but was atheist / agnostic for many years [fortunately, it only took me 3+ months of intensive research / studying to go from atheist / agnostic to true Catholic between late 2019 & early 2020].  Thanks to God's grace, what finally seemed to convince me was my friend's very patient evidence-based un-brainwashing to remove residual modernist misconceptions [concerning both secular & spiritual matters] that had been clouding my judgement + The Dead Sea Scrolls confirming The Book of Daniel’s Prophecy of 70 Weeks in The Old Testament [the fact that the Old Testament perfectly predicted Christ's life / death, despite clearly predating Christ's life / death [as can be proven via modern scientific / archaeological testing-methods] which is mathematical proof that Christ is God].  From there, it was a relatively straightforward process of deducing the following:

1]  Christ is God [as can be proven via the Old Testament / Dead Sea Scrolls alone] = Christianity is Truth [clue's in the name: CHRISTianity*].

2]  Christ made St. Peter the first Pope / Christ's first Vicar on Earth / the head of Christ's only real Catholic Church & gave him the Keys to Heaven [Matthew 16:17-19] - St. Peter warned against the dangers of private interpretation of the Bible [2 Peter 1:20-21 & 3:16-17] which is what Protestantism* is based on, ergo the Catholic Papacy [via valid successors of St. Peter, who are guided by God the Holy Ghost to ensure that God's real Catholic Church cannot teach error] is a fundamental part of the Christian Faith = Catholicism is the only real Christianity [the word 'catholic' means 'universal' & we cannot have God as our Father without having God's real Catholic Church as our Mother, since outside God's real Catholic Church there is no salvation - the real Catholic Church being the Ark of Salvation].

3]  Christian / Catholic Truth does not match with what the people currently occupying the Vatican buildings are preaching = The false Vatican 2 sect cannot be the real Catholic Church [since God's universal / objective truth cannot change].

4]  'Trad' ['Traditionalist Sedevacantist'] sects don't properly obey Canon Law / Papal Teachings of the last real Pope [Pius XII] = 'Trad' sects cannot be the real Catholic Church either [some have managed to get out of the false Vatican 2 sect frying-pan, only to fall into the false 'Trad' sect fire* - ‘Trads’ tend to hyper-fixate on Validity, yet ignore / twist Liceity].

5]  Conclusion:  The only way to be truly loyal to God / Christian / Catholic today is to admit the blunt truth [that we have NO real / valid / licit Catholic Pope / Juridic Church Hierarchy / Mass available to us today, since the real Catholic Church currently exists only spiritually as Christ’s Mystical Body - which the gates of hell have NOT prevailed against] so we have to pray at home on Sundays / Holydays, etc. & not follow any false shepherds claiming to be Christian / Catholic Clergy, since we are living during the Great Apostasy End Times when the public Mass has ceased - as God warned us about in Holy Scripture, etc. = Our observable / demonstrable Pray-at-Home Sedevacantist' reality is the only correct Christian / Catholic stance today [Christ being our High Priest, we can access the Sacraments via Lay-Baptism & Holy Matrimony via 2 Witnesses + obtain graces via Perfect Contrition & praying for Spiritual Communion].

+ I can’t help but notice that whenever people break away from God's Church to follow some guy called Luther [Lutheranism] or Calvin [Calvinism], etc. they tend to veer towards misogyny [Luther treated women terribly & Anglicanism was essentially founded on King Henry VIII's insistence on mistreating 6 women in a row & Orthodox men seem to think they're allowed to divorce / abandon their wives under certain circumstances, which goes against what Christ clearly taught - divorce tends to harm women / children the most in many ways].  You'd think / hope that people who call themselves followers of Christ would stick to Christ's actual teachings [Christianity] instead of resorting to protesting against Christ's Church [which is where Protestantism gets its name from].  Tellingly, Protestantism also downgrades the crucial role that Mary the Mother of God plays as the Mediatrix of All God's Graces - yet God became incarnate through her & therefore a sure way to God is via His Mother ♥


Important Links for Additional Reading:

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Written by:  Karin F.  [London, UK]  [Studies:  BA Honours in Criminology from Durham University + Plant-Based Nutrition via Cornell University]  [Mobile / Whatsapp:  +447942340341]

[ex-angry vegan / pro-GMO / pro-vaxx / climate change-believer / communist / radical feminist / atheist / agnostic V.S. 

now a righteously indignant pro-WFPB / pro-organic / anti-vaxx / climate change-sceptic / Christian solidarist / women’s advocate / sedevacantist / pray-at-home Catholic]

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