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This book is a primer for anyone who wishes to understand the basic workings of the global network of Insiders that is determined to wield power over all of mankind in the coming New World Order. The Special Edition (Available Free on Kindle) is updated with illustrations and charts for 2013. Introduction by U.S. Congressman John G. Schmitz: The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again. None Dare Call It Conspiracy will be a very controversial book. At first it will receive little publicity and those whose plans are exposed in it will try to kill it by the silent treatment. For reasons that become obvious as you read this book, it will not be reviewed in all the "proper" places or be available on your local book stand. However, there is nothing these people can do to stop a grass roots book distributing system. Eventually it will be necessary for the people and organizations named in this book to try to blunt its effect by attacking it or the author. They have a tremendous vested interest in keeping you from discovering what they are doing. And they have the big guns of the mass media at their disposal to fire the barrages at None Dare Call It Conspiracy. By sheer volume, the "experts" will try to ridicule you out of investigating for yourself as to whether or not the information in this book is true They will ignore the fact that the author about to conjecture. They will find a typographical error or ague some point that is open to debate. If necessary they will lie in order to protect themselves by smearing this book. I believe those who pooh-pooh the information herein because psychologically many people would prefer to believe we are because we all like to ignore bad news. We do so at our own peril.

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Robert Sepehr

Highly advanced civilizations have been here before us, just to be destroyed by some great global catastrophe. But for each race that has died out, another has taken its place, with a selected few holding on to the memories and sacred knowledge of the past race. In our vanity we think we have discovered some of the great truths of science and technology, but we are in fact only just beginning to rediscover the profound wisdom of past civilizations. In many ways, we are like an awakening Species with Amnesia, yearning to reclaim our forgotten past.

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Edward Glinka

A controversial, popular political read completely re-edited and updated for 2019. This is the one the media and deep state do not want you to read. The Washington political establishment definitely does not want people to know the bone chilling truths within the pages of this book. They know this information will pull the covers off their long running secret war against average Americans. So afraid in fact, many who favor the status quo are constantly trying to slam this book with simplistic, hate filled rhetoric instead of honest, constructive critique.

Reading some of these reviews, it is easy to spot these types who will tear apart anything not with their agenda. Yes, this book is politically incorrect, filled with inconvenient truths tied to hundreds of historical facts exposing the socialist agenda against America. And just how dangerous their style of socialism will be. It exposes exactly why the libs, the Rhino republicans, the global elites, the media and the Deep State now spend all their time creating exhaustive time consuming lies, attacks and rebuttals upon President Trump from the very minute he took office. Glinka exposes the single and long-hidden factor that gives license to the leaders on both sides of the political isle to lie, cause infighting and mislead the public of their true motives. So, who really are these who are waging this huge and not so silent coup, completely bent on destroying all Americanism behind the scenes?

Explained is why President Trump just might endure the same fate as J.F.K. and Abe Lincoln by bucking the controlling deep state. Yes, the statists, and titans of corporate globalist powers have so much to lose if the swamp really does get cleaned up! Glinka unveils exactly WHO the real, actual purveyors of America's immense debts are. Furthermore exposed is the hidden and deceptive ways the Federal Reserve and many others have hoodwinked Americans and run up such an unpayable debt to the elite banking cabals.

Revealed is hardcore evidence that nearly all their corruptions have long been engineered for the benefits of one world elites, especially the globalist types. Heavily detailed are the hidden and secret agendas behind their un-free/un-fair trade agreements, state sponsored CIA terrorism's, immoral yet profitable warring, engineered booms and busts, fake news, the fake "Federal Reserve" apparatus for their own benefit. After years of intensive research, he has dug up hundreds of nuggets that prove the Deep States true goals for society. Once the reader takes in hundreds of quotes & warnings taken right out of the very mouths of elitist world leaders, greedy corporatists as well as our founding fathers, you the reader will in fact come to accept the reality of these sensational and well argued claims of the new world order coming soon. 

A lengthy section shows how and why they have used mass psychological warfare and misinformation for years, in order to convince American citizens that it is fine to slowly give up rights and liberties in exchange for "safety and security". Even if it means willful compliance & acceptance of the growing state's dictates. For some, it is uncomfortable reading, just as the real truth nearly always is. "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!" This is required reading, especially for the young who must learn to adapt to the current reality of the new anti-God, pro-satan world we are being increasingly immersed in today. Even with all this, the author amazingly reveals that the best of America is set to take place if citizens become far more enlightened, open to truths, pro-active and demanding of their representatives! If you are open minded and can deal with uncomfortable truths, get ready for a wild, educational and informative political hayride like you've never been on before! As never before in our history, your kids, your family both deserve to know the real story of American politics.

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Larken Rose

When someone looks out at the world and sees all manner of suffering and injustice, stretching back for thousands of years and continuing today, he invariably blames such problems on someone else's hatred, greed, or stupidity. Rarely will someone consider the possibility that his own belief system is the cause of the pain and suffering he sees around him. But in most cases, it is. The root cause of most of society's ills--the main source of man's inhumanity to man--is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition--an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels. If people were to recognize that one belief for what it is--an utterly irrational, self-contradictory, and horribly destructive myth--most of the violence, oppression and injustice in the world would cease. But that will happen only when people dare to honestly and objectively re-examine their belief systems. "The Most Dangerous Superstition" exposes the myth for what it is, showing how nearly everyone, as a result of one particular unquestioned assumption, is directly contributing to violence and oppression without even realizing it. If you imagine yourself to be a compassionate, peace-loving, civilized human being, you must read this book.



S.K. Bain, Click on Image for PDF

The very nature of reality itself is at times so hostile to human life that human institutions must be challenged for their inadequate protection of their constituents. Conspiracy theorists seize on this inadequacy as evidence of the tenuousness of consensus reality. There are other forces at work, forces that are unacknowledged by the state, the church, the media because to admit their existence is to admit failure. Thus, when things go wrong terrorists are blamed, or communists, or witches. This serves to rally the citizens around the government once again, instead of stopping to insist that explanations be given, that evidence is properly analyzed, that the guilty are apprehended and punished. And we once more go to war, against … someone, somewhere. Paranoia becomes institutionalized. It is appropriated by the government as its own prerogative. The state determines the nature and quality of the paranoia: it creates intelligence agencies whose sole purpose is to give a form to paranoia, to enshrine paranoia as one of the necessary qualities of an observant and caring state. To prove that paranoia is an acceptable characterisic of the paternalistic regime. The citizens are not allowed to become paranoid unless it is at government direction and sanction. Individual cases of paranoia are frowned upon. The state tells us that if we are not paranoid the way it is paranoid— and about the same things—it’s because we don’t have all the facts: about terrorism, fundamentalism, communism, foreign countries, weapons of mass destruction, sleeper cells. The state has all the facts: classified documents, wire-tap transcripts, intelligence feeds, high-altitude reconnaissance images, none of which the citizen is permitted to see. It does not realize that the logical conclusion of all this paranoia is suspicion of the state apparatus itself.


By D. Nemeth

As members of identity politics groups set in place to be exploited by the Left, individuals that subscribe to these identity groups mindlessly join in on the social media moshpit attack as they are directed. For instance, what we see on Twitter. The individuals that identify with group statuses that are now entirely colored by Marxism, (some would say Trotskyism) are called out by journalists and the media to defend this brand of Marxism and specifically to defend high profile individuals like Sen. Weiner, and thereby his deviancy either with direct knowledge of these facts or indirectly by virtue of identity recognition. 


This is what you are dealing with, unsuspecting America. The intention of this article is to provide insight into what the mechanisms of manipulations utilized by these enemies of The People are and why Twitter is such a big deal. You may also come to understand why your President has chosen this platform as well. 

There are no doubts if Truth is on your side – know yourself, and follow your heart.

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