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While I am not a 'doctor' and do not presume to offer medical and/or healthcare advice, I am not a fan of the Healthcare Industry in any case. "Healthcare" in the modern world has nothing to do with care or caring for people. You are merely a customer. That is it. Physicians simply follow directives outlined by corporations. They do not practice the art of medicine. They are not permitted to deviate from guidelines set forth by administration. It's not any different from any other institutions of our societies. They follow general orders, mandates, directives, and guidelines. You saw it for yourself throughout the Covid exercise that was imposed upon us all. You saw how 'healthcare' workers did what they were ordered to do rather than utilize their own skills and training. They abdicated their authority to a perceived greater authority but by their action they made that fact so. Then in turn you abdicated your own personal authority. The most concerning aspect of that fact is that it means that the individuals that make up the "healthcare" industries in countries worldwide either cast aside their years of experience, wisdom, and the authority trusted in them in the face of their own ability to perceive truth or even worse they lacked any wherewithal to start with. Now they are Baalshit practitioners. No joke. Now you have to fight the thing you created. 

I can speak to you from the perspective of self-care. Your good health and well-being was always your own responsibility after all. Just like your personal safety is your own responsibility. Anything that I tell you, I ask you to research for yourself first. If you can't look out for yourself, you're no good to anybody else. 

All health and well-being starts in the stomach. It is one of the great mechanisms of the biological machine  you call your body. Your body operates on 'chemicals' known as hormones. Disrupt hormones and/or the flora/microbiome of your gut and you may irreparably change and/or modify an individual. Your 'bacteria' make up is specific to you.


Our modern world inundates us with compounds and chemicals that are hostile to our own homeostasis.  Homeostasis is an organism's process of maintaining a stable internal environment suitable for sustaining life. These harmful contaminants ultimately have an affect on our immunity because they affect our gut flora. We see so many people with stomach disorders. The first concern that comes to mind for me is of course the functioning of the person's immune system. Gut flora affects more than you think. In turn, hormones affect your microbiome. You're an ecosystem too. 


D3 imbalance affects more than they are telling us, even on our states of mind and therefore perceptions.

Rather than give you a dissertation, the bottom line is be sure to get D(3) from direct sun exposure even 5 -10 minutes regularly (unless you have a serious condition not permitting) and get your gut right by addressing leaky gut syndrome, which I think is endemic. I have one word for you. Ginger


Add raw Ginger to your diet especially in the morning on an empty stomach, if you do nothing else. We're talking about adding 1 tsp or tablespoon to your diet everyday. You may be able to take more or less. You can make a tea or just put it in water. Don't be a baby about it. You not only share your body with your gut flora some of you are captive to them. Treat them right and the other systems of your body will work better.


Please do your own research on Ginger and let me know how you do. Have raw Ginger before meals and/or as an evening routine before bedtime. Whatever works best for you. Just do it. M'kay? I start the day with a healthy teaspoon on an empty stomach. Before bed you can try a tea made from honey, ginger, chamomile, and lemon. I love lemon. When I was younger I used to suggest chamomile for bitchiness. 

They are gonna find a link between D3 deficiency and something about how it's balanced with B Vitamins and how that imbalance may result in legitimate gender dysphoria. A study was conducted whereby subjects with insomnia were treated with D3 and it worked well for the majority of the subjects, just getting their serum levels up. However, after around the 3 month point a substantial number of those subjects lapsed in their insomnia but after B Vitamins were administered the subjects leveled out again sleeping normally.


This is what started a particular interest in treating individuals with gender dysphoria successfully because a workable number of the subjects treated for the insomnia were also experiencing gender dysphoria. Kind of tongue in cheek here but many of the facets of cultural Leftism express on the Category B/Narcissistic Personality Disorder spectrum (shall we say) and may be treated the same way. Clearly there are imbalances present. We know a lot of what's going on is not naturally occurring. I have to dig up the video. I posted several months to a year ago. To be continued . . . 

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