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Note to Reader: I have told you in the past to find your tribe. You have many racial, cultural, faith, etc. This is for the Christians that "They" have now labeled "Christian Nationalists".


My response to the Synagogue of Satan that targets Christians is, "No, we are Christian Soldiers/Soldados Cristianos. We too know that there is 'nothing new under the sun' and that which has been, shall be again".

First you have to understand what it is that you are fighting. Extreme Subjectivism = "Satanism" and "Judaism" that fall in this category.  "Satanism" and "Judaism" are both Subjectivism. Both culprit. Both rely on consensus created by illusions, not reality but imagination. Deceit. One targeting the goyim. The other targeting the uninitiated.

"I will say that things are so far gone societally that it is not sufficient to say, "It's the Jews" since the entirety of Western Civilization if not the "globe" is spellbound by the ideological duo of Judaism and Satanism ("Globalization"). I only separate the two for the purpose of discussion and can only do so to the extent that they can be separated as They are ostensibly one and the same."

"Are you finding more and more that you are at odds with veritably everyone you encounter? Perhaps the world itself? No matter who you meet, even the most seemingly "nice" people. Can't make friends or relate to people new or old friends? Think that you lack "Communication" skills? "Have social anxiety?" No "Way with the Ladies" skills? Think you're a reject? A loner? An outlier? Are people simply exhausting? Think this is Clown World? Almost everything seems foreign to you? Can't find your niche? Don't fit in anywhere? A fish out of water?

You see the world, and you are at odds with it as you should be.

Maybe it's not you. Maybe it is the very nature of this world. The world we live in no longer comports with uprightness.

Uprightness is the spirit of "White"/European descent peoples. All of the heroes and fairytales. Epics and Sagas. Songs and nursery rhymes. The European spirit (the group mythos) no longer controls the direction of this world. This world is instead in the grips of that age old deceiver. Chaos. Disorder. In a word, Satan.

It is not an over-statement to say that this is a Satanic world. That is just another way to say that this world is a Consensus Reality. Not Objective Reality. All inhabitants taken in by the architects of fear and deception by whatever measure, confined to their own imaginations rendering them incapable of perceiving the wider illusion. Either living in the Past or Future but never the Present. God is in the Present.

You must fight to come into the Present.

The past - regret. The future - expectation, anticipation, presumption, etc. There is no shame in admitting your fault, the personal contribution that you have made perhaps all of your life up to this point to this Satanic/Judaic World. Until now, that I have made your acquaintance.

You cannot exactly put your finger on it, but you sense something isn't right. Something horrible. You witnessed it with your own eyes but may not trust what you have seen. If you have sensed something is wrong, you would be correct. However, most have been so numbed, that at this 11th hour they still perceive nothing.

Subjectivism is Imagination. Deception. Emotionalisms are irrational, imagination. We observe it in our daily lives in various ways. You can barely conduct a conversation with people in general for the simple fact that most live in their own imaginations. Projections. Not reality. Feelings, not reality. Notions that pop into their minds, not reality. People cannot distinguish Truth any longer. Their powers of discernment muddled at best. Imagination as such is Satan's domain. Presumption. Assumption. Not reality.

Even to the extent that people think that they can know things that they could not possibly know. Yet they are confident. For instance, what someone else is thinking or knows or comprehends. Worse yet, these machinations are the things that inform people's behavior. Assumptions, presumptions, and expectations. Even these things have been driven out of proportion. You may have never before encountered an individual, but that person is nonetheless confident of what they think they know about you based on insignificancies. Confident ignorance robs all concerned.

People have mapped out in their minds how an interaction is supposed to go. "I say this. Now you say that." I ask you a series of demographic questions and voila! Now I know you. You don't know shit. Shhhhhhhut the fuck up. Everything is scripted in their minds already. That is not reality, and the moment you go off-script, now you have done it. You have not jumped through their hoops and now you are a transgressor. Conversations and interactions are reduced to scenarios, nothing more than a series of hoops that are set for you to jump through concocted in the mind of an individual that probably saw that scenario on t.v. or in a movie.

If you do not jump through that hoop or reenact whatever bullshit they saw on the Tell-A-Vision, people become upset. Triggered. Why do people do this to themselves?

Seems people do not even require your participation in exchanges many times presuming they have reached accord due to their confidence in their own abilities to perceive, know, or read another and they presume accord before you have uttered a single word. Exhausting. It is insanity. These are people that are clueless regarding the actual nature of our world and the mechanisms at work. You have eyes but you cannot see.

The psychopaths at work manufacturing reality tell us flat out and the majority of people still do not get it.

So, how do you combat such a thing that utilizes the energies of the people themselves to perpetuate the illusion? More specifically, to literally fuel the operation. The abuse. The fear. The people's own chains are forged by they themselves.

Objective Reality - That which may be observed in the natural world. The Natural Order ordained by nature itself. The Natural World itself. This is God.

Subjectivism is the antithesis of all of that, Satan. Evil. Subjectivism is the "model" for both Satanism and Judaism. One and the same, therefore.

Listen, I'm not that smart but I'm doing my best here. Come out of the world guys. You cannot save anyone. To save yourself requires acknowledging that you are not in control. You never were.

They (the psychopaths that operate in our world) grasp for control and think They can outwit God/nature/the natural order by transferring their own culpability for the greatest ongoing evils and crimes against humanity onto the people. Crimes like their endless wars. Like the Transgender movement atrocities against children. Hiding the true Holocaust of Christians all across Europe (Dresden, The Holodomor, etc.). LGBT+++++ movement. Turning women into unabashed, murderous whores. Just a few examples.

Your consent for allowing it to exist at all, not to mention your own participation, is how they shift Karmic Debt on to you. Now They have dropped the veil and are gunning for Christians calling Christians "Christian Nationalists" because They assess that They have drummed up enough consensus against any mention of "Nationalism" that it will signal to their goons high and low.

Judeo-Christian denotes the subversion of Christianity. The "Checkmate". You as Christians cry out to defend Jews and Israel, but They are not those people of the Bible. They are shrewd Subjectivists. That's what you're up against. Gays being ordained. Come on man.

"Judeo" denotes Subjectivism but Christianity is Objective Reality (Objectivism). The two are natural enemies at opposite ends of the spectrum. Diametrically opposed. The "Judeo" in Judeo-Christianity is absolute mockery of the ignorant.

I think that's why They fear National Socialism because National Socialism upholds the dictates of nature. Of Objective Reality. Of God. The Natural Order.

All that is rooted in subjectivity is evil. It is the prison of imagination. The world is deception not just the deceived and "Satan" means to destroy all and everyone.

But you Christians, you are the light of the world. In a world of darkness, there is you. You must stand up and be counted but you must fully comprehend who is your adversary They call Satan.

In a word, Subjectivism. Subjectivists no matter what They call themselves - Jews, Zionists, Freemasons, Illuminati, Satanists, Luciferians. Makes no difference.

Christian Soldiers, do you see? They are all the same.

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Something so true you'll go to prison for questioning it. Everywhere it's blue it's illegal to question (((their))) extortion scam. Expose the Holohoax and (((their))) house of cards will crumble.

In plain English, if we could feed ourselves as our ancestor have throughout the millennia rather than continue to abdicate that duty to the "authorities", we could control our own destinies. If we could feed ourselves, the power apparatus would have no control over our lives. That is the bottom line. You do not possess self-determination. You can't even feed yourselves. While this predicament is relatively new and grown to become the standard, that is only within the last 100 years. We have to pay close attention to India and the plight of the farmers there. That population is being used as a test for the implementation of certain biometric controls. The farmers there are under the complete control of the government to the extent that their ability to feed the surrounding people has been intruded upon by the government. The government's position is that they do not have the right to feed people or give/sell food outside of the government's control and the Indian government has penalized farmers, literally, for giving food to people. DuckDuckGo it. 


If you have never heard of the Holomodor, this is a great time for you to look it up. In short, Stalin's government deliberately and intentionally murdered an estimated 10 million Ukrainians by starvation.  It is referred to as the "Terror Famine".  This was a holocaust of the Ukrainian people. The most abominable things were caused to occur in order for people to feed themselves and their children. The unspeakable. You may be beginning to understand that the control apparatus is comprised of utter psychopaths. You may be beginning to understand who they actually are that have wrestled control of our civilization from our hands. The Ukraine went from experiencing famine to targeted extermination.


"The famine was accompanied by a broader assault on Ukrainian identity. While peasants were dying by the millions, agents of the Soviet secret police were targeting the Ukrainian political establishment and intelligentsia. The famine provided cover for a campaign of repression and persecution that was carried out against Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian religious leaders. The official policy of Ukrainization, which had encouraged the use of the Ukrainian language, was effectively halted. Moreover, anyone connected to the short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic—an independent government that had been declared in June 1917 in the wake of the February Revolution but was dismantled after the Bolsheviks conquered Ukrainian territory—was subjected to vicious reprisals. All those targeted by this campaign were liable to be publicly vilified, jailed, sent to the Gulag (a system of Soviet prisons and forced-labor camps), or executed."

Those Bolsheviks again. Particularly mean and nasty, the Bolsheviks were unlike anything that most "modern" people have any acquaintance with whatsoever. You are witnessing a reemergence of this ideology in Western Civilization. "Bolshevik" ("One of the Majority) is synonymous with being Jewish. Particular Jews, however. You will know them by there deeds. Oh wait, you thought the Jews were timeless victims. Not quite. You've obviously never read a fuckin book. 

This time around, They are in league with other nasty types and have a confederacy of sorts. I often refer to them as the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus. They are gunning for Western Civilization and a new civilization. You may hear people use the terms New World Order, Great Reset (from Klaus Schwaub of the World Economic Forum himself). Look some of this stuff up. I'm not here to think for you. In fact, I'm the least among you. I'd like to re-introduce you to another term. Root Race. Root Race means a civilization-wide culture. For instance, we are presently in a worldwide/civilizational culture that you know and are familiar with having been immersed in it your entire lives. There have been many such Root Races. They are now moving us into the next Root Race. I sure hope you guys enjoy androgyny and butt sex.


One thing I will say is that there are competing influences. However, They are all happy to promote chaos, fear, and most of all trauma. They control the masses through fear and trauma, layer upon layer of (violent) imagery. Not always "real" but through perception/consensus creating reality. It's really the trauma component that is the root control mechanism in ALL of this that we see and why a stillness is required of us as they keep the people in a perpetual state of being/feeling "unnerved" and/or unsettled - a deep seeded inner chaos. It's the trauma that They thrive on. It's getting easier and easier for them to create trauma and taking less and less to accomplish since so many are weaker now. The trigger and catalyst is always trauma. These are two distinct levels. A physical sensation via the emotional.


That Capital event is prime example of how they layer on the (violent) imagery. Not to mention, Charlottesville. Pay attention. They are gearing up to war on our population outright. Ultimately, it's not gonna matter what your race is since that's only important in moving the pieces into position. If everyone would just please turn off your t.v.'s, news, media, that would be just great. Or, at least recognize it for what it is. Subversive propaganda. 

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