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"Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that, when the Times of the Messiah are come, the Jews will hold under their keys the properties of all the peoples of the world."

Covenants and loyalties. Ideas conceived brought forth to be manifested in whole or part soon to admire that handiwork. Just factions and houses. One against the other. All life reduced to transaction. Severed ties diminish resistance. False gods replace mythos. All men equal in rage. Save the warrior. Stillness. Who lies in wait. Envy for all they cannot have due to their natures. Without their disguise it hurts them to be seen. Grotesque and hideous spirit. Noise-full, useless things only made for sorrow.

But, what of us? Always living among the trees. The canopy that conceals you. Listen closely. Observe. So still you may see. That from which you were conceived. Go and see.

What is our domain? Spirit. The adversary is well-aware.

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