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The Great Jewish Mask Audiobook



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Read by Jan Lamprecht.

This is intended to supplement the "Great Jewish Mask" series on Jan Lamprecht's History Reviewed website. Or just be listened to on its own, for people who have yet to discover History Reviewed. It is an important enough work to popularise if possible, and presenting an audiobook (which his series made possible, with some editing) will hopefully be a contribution towards that. Credit to Jan for discovering the book and making the PDFs available and going through it in podcast format.

Description from History Reviewed:

"The Great Jewish Mask is about a fascinating book published in 1936 which predicted the rise of the Jews and that they would get Israel. The writer had a very deep knowledge of the archaeological history of the Jews and he explained how and when they began their campaign of propaganda and lying throughout history. He calls this “The Mask” and he says that the Jews “assumed the Mask” in 400 BC.

The story is tells is utterly riveting and fascinating and he gives you the scientific clues to this. In the latter parts of the series (yet to be done), I’ll show you that he was right and that science has since proven him to be completely correct.

Christians won’t like this series because it bites into Christian views on the origins of the Bible. So this series is more suitable for non-Christians. But Christians may find this a very valuable tool to pass on to NON-CHRISTIANS because it WILL have a BIG APPEAL to them.

Here are the links to the various videos in this series:
Part 1 – The Great Jewish Mask

Part 2 – Jewish Forgery

Part 3 – The Ass in the Lion’s skin

Part 4 & 3 FREE PDF books!

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