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Was Hitler a madman or did he know this enemy that we are just beginning to become acquainted with better than anyone else? Was he a man fighting for the very survival of his people, for their very future against that leviathan (Zionism) knowing that it was do or die, all or nothing? Western Civilization is under attack still by this same force. What say ye? 

We are dealing with compulsive liars, pathological liars. Grifters. Nothing is sacred. If so, they desecrate it. They can't help it. It is their nature. In the balance of good and evil, chaos and logic, creation and death/the constructive and the destructive, They are always the latter. 

Hitler knew what he was up against, and he knew the consequences of defeat. That is what we will continue to suffer. What has occurred to our societies since then is that very thing. Wartime defeat. We have been under occupation since then, but our wartime defeat is ongoing, and we have not hit rock bottom yet. 

Why is it that when clips and videos of Hitler's speeches appear on History Channel (for instance) they never show us subtitles? What was he actually trying to tell us?

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