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We Are The New Germans


European descent people (White people) are the new Germans. Find out how we got here and how bad it is going to get by exploring the documents, content, and materials below. Doc dump from Dropbox is available. Items will be added periodically. The video atop the doc dump is a lecture explaining and outlining the documents and materials below. Listen to the lecture.

What Led Up to WW2 from the German Perspective

Lecture and scholastic presentation regarding the events leading up to WW2 from the perspective of the German people who were subjected to severe punishment, an environment constructed specifically to oppress the nation of Germany. The aftermath of WW2 leads us directly to our present calamitous conditions in Western Civilization. This is how we got where we are Western Civilization. There is nothing new under the sun. History is repeating this very segment once again.

Communism Proclaims, "Americans Are The New Germans"
First a propaganda war, then economic, then turning the world against Germans, then the sanctioned wholesale mass murder of Germans across Europe.


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Communism Proclaims, "Americans Are The New Germans" (

The Holocaust started after WW2 ended, which meant open season on anyone of German descent, persuasion, or sympathy. Even speaking German or having been heard speaking German, could mean a death sentence.

As we witnessed in real-time the Anti-White propaganda unfold that was promoted and pushed by the control apparatus pretending to begovernment, there is no doubt as to whom the hidden hand belongs.We have witnessed the Anti-White social media fervor campaigns that went on for years on platforms like Twitter in particular that flooded the culture and were a perfect pairing to ground-level social justice warriors’ (Cultural Marxists) activity worked predominantly by groups like the Democratic Socialists, Antifa, BLM, and all manner of social justice organizations big and small. Then we saw push back at Charlottesville by Patriots who were onto the malfeasance. The State itself intervened and/or operated in conjunction with all of the elements named above. That is to say that the State of Virginia in the case of Charlottesville through the State Police acted as agents of theBolshevik Communist factions (above listed) against the multitudes ofpatriots that showed up to defend America, to make a stand for American values, and to defend statue(s) of American heroes.


In the case of Charlottesville, patriots defended the statue of Robert E. Lee the valiant American hero who fought to save America against the scourge of Federal aggression. That same aggressive Federal influence that targets White Americans in our time.


It is long past time that Americans revisit history to find out what is happening to them now. Suffice to say, the Civil War had not a thing to do with slavery.


The Charlottesville event was then used to lay the foundation of a new myth that White males are a threat “to our democracy” and this new plot line ultimately was spun into White males being designated as the most prominent domestic threat in America notwithstanding the fact that the men who attended Charlottesville did so knowing full-well the dire circumstances that this sleeping nation is only now coming to terms with at this late hour.


The media has always been the enemies of the American people andnothing has ever changed. It was Media lies and wanton deceptions regarding Charlottesville that molded the public’s false perceptions of the Charlottesville event. It was the Media that manufactured the illusion that White males are public enemy #1, including surrounding the incident involving James Fields.


If you recall young James Fields had the bad fortune to turn down the wrong road on the streets of Charlottesville on that pivotal day, August 12, 2017. James Field’s vehicle was surrounded by and then attacked by a mob of Commies, Marxists, SJW’s, and Bolsheviks. Much like other known circumstances in the struggle against these influences that would come to be national headlines when attempts to pull motorists from their vehicles became commonplace during the BLM insurrection.


James Fields panicked.


Most of the streets had been cleared except in the heart of Charlottesville where many Commies, Marxists, SJW’s, and Bolshevikswho never should have been on the streets that day were given carte blanche to takeover the streets and menace the community. That wasthe road James drove down on that day as so many others streets were coned off. You will also recall that the media depicted a female SJW on the hood of James Field’s vehicle as if that was the exact moment Heather Heyer had been struck by the vehicle and killed by what the media apparatus wanted Americans to believe was a deliberate action by James Fields when the Media know full well that was not the case. The SJW depicted by the Media as such was someone else altogether who did NOT perish and who was NOT kill nor made any mention of. The Media knew all of this. We all knew this.


Nonetheless, James Fields was sentenced to 400 years in prison. Thisyoung man sits in prison to this day rotting all the while the events of Charlottesville were used to condemn, control, and contrive the Anti-White propaganda and resulting Anti-White culture that is present in America now pushed from every vector of society and will be built upon until Whites may be outlawed altogether. This occurrence allowed people to clearly observe how the Media, politicians, corporations and the entire governing apparatus operates.


We certainly have already witnessed the vilification of Christians and an open attack on what the Media apparatus calls Christian Nationalists, but Americans still have not fully come to terms with who is behind this wickedness. Who could be against all things Whiteand and all things Christian? Who could it be now America?


Patriots persisted in defending America long after Charlottesville, if not because of Charlottesville, believing that truth would ultimately prevail. However, these Bolshevik influences have used patriotic spirit as momentum against against the people of this nation. Case in point, January 6th.


Is the American public unaware that patriots sit in prison languishing to this day as political prisoners persecuted by the same onerous “Federal” system, this governing apparatus (Bolshevik, Communist, Marxist, Satanic system) we discuss herein and on repeatedly. This non-American governing system that has White people in its sights. Don’t believe me? Open your eyes America. Getting White people “out of the way” is only the first major step required by the New World Order.


The FBI, CIA, and other intelligence services work tirelessly against anyone with the American patriotic fighting spirit to resist what is occurring. These intelligence services create environments and networks to entrap patriots just as they entrapped the Proud Boys National and used that organization to reel in local men to local Proud Boys chapters and then concoct “insurrection” malarky enabling the government to put on show trials where patriotic heroesare used as sacrifices to the political machine.


As we speak, Zachary Rehl is on trial by the Bolshevik government kept on solitary confinement, deprived of the birth and early years of his young daughter now 2 years old, paced through a process of injustice, persecuted and oppressed before our very eyes at this mosttender stage of open Communism in the United States and the American people sit idly by powerless to do anything, or so they think. Hold on to your guns America. This is going to be a rocky road going forward. The next “shutdown” is imminent. Biden has already spoken of it publicly indicating that we will at least make it out of 2023 without imposed shutdowns but who knows.


Now is the time to become non-food dependent on a governing apparatus, including corporate food product retailers, that hates you and to create a separate, independent economy and community infrastructure lest we suffer another terror famine such as that of the 20th Century in Ukraine of all places. A terror famine conducted by Bolsheviks against indigenous Europeans.


Communism kills and it has proclaimed “Americans are the New Germans” by its campaign against White people in our time that runs up to this point almost identical to the campaign against all things German, especially the people, who were after a systematic process, a program, a propaganda campaign that can be tracked and observed, ultimately were targeted by even local communities for massacre.


American Hebrew 9-10-1920 - see page 10...pdf


This is a news article (Maryland suffrage news) from 1919 advertising alecture by Monica Ewer (novelist) on 'Women in the NEW WORLD ORDER".


Monica Ewer's husband was William Norman Ewer who was a communist, member of the Fabian society and a supporter of the 1917 bolshevik invasion of Russia.

So, what type of "new world order" was his wife, almost certainly a communist as well, discussing?


“You know comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.” ~ Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary, Boris Bazhanov


Resulted in the rise of opposition including the National Socialist party"


'NATIONAL' AND 'SOCIAL' ARE TWO IDENTICAL CONCEPTIONS. It was only the Jew who succeeded, through falsifying the social idea and turning it into Marxism, not only in divorcing the social idea from the national, but in actually representing them as utterly contradictory. That aim he has in fact achieved. At the founding of this Movement we formed the decision that we would give expression to this idea of ours of the identity of the two conceptions: despite all warnings, on the basis of what we had come to believe, on the basis of the sincerity of our will, we christened it ''National Socialist.' We said to ourselves that to be 'national' means above everything to act with a boundless and all-embracing love for the people and, if necessary, even to die for it. And similarly to be 'social' means so to build up the state and the community of the people that every individual acts in the interest of the community of the people and must be to such an extent convinced of the goodness, of the honorable straightforwardness of this community of the people as to be ready to die for it." -AH 4/12/22


Rohrberg Commission of Enquiry, August 1919 (in Kiev), it described the "execu-tion hall" of the Cheka as follows:”All the cement floor of the great garage (the execution hall of thedepartmental Cheka of Kief) was flooded with blood. This bloodwas no longer flowing, it formed a layer of several inches: it wasa horrible mixture of blood, brains, of pieces of skull, of tufts ofhair and other human remains. All the walls were bespatteredwith blood; pieces of brains and scalps were sticking to them. Agutter twenty-five centimetres wide by twenty-five centimetresdeep and about ten metres long ran from the centre of the garagetowards a subterranean drain. This gutter along its whole lengthwas full to the top with blood. ... Usually as soon as the massacrehad taken place the bodies were conveyed out of the town inmotor lorries and buried beside the grave about which we havespoken; we found in a corner of the garden another grave whichwas older and contained about eighty bodies. Here we discov-ered on the bodies traces of cruelties and mutilations the mostvaried and unimaginable. Some bodies were disembowelled,others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked topieces. Some had their eyes put out and the head, face, neck andtrunk covered with deep wounds. Further on we found a corpsewith a wedge driven into the chest. Some had no tongues. In acorner of the grave we discovered a certain quantity of arms andlegs.”

Eustace Mullins in his “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”:“After the Armistice, Woodrow Wilson assembled the American Delegation to the Peace Conference, and embarked for Paris. It was, on the whole, a most congenial group, consisting of the bankers who had always guided Wilson’s policies. He was accompanied by Bernard Baruch, Thomas W. Lamont of J.P. Morgan Co., Albert Strauss of J & W Seligman bankers,who had been chosen by Wilson to replace Paul Warburg on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan lawyers Frank Polk and John W. Davis. Accompanying them were Walter Lippmann, Felix Frankfurter, Justice Brandeis, and other interested parties. Mason’s biography of Brandeis states that "In Paris in June of 1919, Brandeis met with such friends as Paul Warburg, Col. House, Lord Balfour, Louis Marshall, and Baron Edmond de Rothschild." Indeed, Baron Edmond de Rothschild served as the genial host to the leading members of the American Delegation, and even turned over his Paris mansion to them, although the lesser members had to rough it at the elegant Hotel Crillon with Col. House and his personal staff of 201 servants.


”Excerpt from “Communism in Germany”, by Ehrt, 1933“The German communist party is the only one in Germany which is foreign, alien and hostile group.”


General Otto-Ernst Remer, 1993 interview:"The Jews have enriched their religious legendary inheritance with the legend of the murder of six million Jews, who it is claimed were for the most part killed in German "gas chambers" during World War II. Although the number of Jews in the territories controlled by Germans did not rise above 1.5 million, the Jewish organizations, with the help of the media controlled by them, managed to turn their legend into "common knowledge."


The alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz are just one of the many propagandistic lies of the Jewish organizations against Germany. I declare categorically as one of the top military commanders of World War II that our army never murdered not even as much as one human being in any gas chamber.


As a well-informed general I learned that Hitler's plan was to free Europe from the control of the Jewish organizations. The Jews were to be relocated to Eastern Europe and Russia; in Birobidjan (in Siberia) there had been already set up a Jewish state. Hitler had categorically refused an offer of the Jewish organizations aimed at striking an alliance between the National Socialists and the Jews, whose aim would have been the immigration of the Jews into Palestine.


We must not forget first and foremost that it was the Jewish organizations that repeatedly declared war against the German Reich between 1933 and 1939. The loss of human lives through the death of defenseless German women and children and of German soldiers was more than a hundred times greater than the loss of Jewish lives. During World War II there were approximately 55 million victims. No other ethnic groupexcept the Jews demands such perennial restitutions.


"Night of the Broken Glass

-Enst Vom Rath assassinated by a communist jew.-Germans became angry at the constant violence against them and responded. Not caused by the government.


-Goebbels stated at that time that he suspected the vandalism and violence was instigated by “non-Germans”.


-Ingrid Weckert who spoke Hebrew, visited Israel and was friendly with Menachim Begin wrote:“Of the 28 SA groups which existed in Germany at that time, the available evidence identifies only three as having actually received orders to join the anti-jewish demonstrations.....”


-Ingrid also wrote, which is important:“....the SS and SA .... Acted according to the ideals which they has been taugh: honor, faithfulness, honesty and devotion to their people and country. They were not at all the sadistic beasts portrayed by so called historians. It was their faithfulness and gallantry which saved Germany from chaos and communism. It is sheer stupidity to describe the SA men as bloodthirsty killers, as is widely done today.”


“The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that ourshare in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany.”(Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)


Hitler Youth, Fred Stephens, 1973:"In accordance with the National Socialist policies relating to the recreation and edification of the HJ, young persons of German stock, racially acceptable to the organization but not totally physically fit were accepted for membership. The Nazi ideal of a youth devoted to the cause was not denied to those who were without capabilities to fully enjoy the activities promoted by the HJ. It was a matter of policy on both humanitarian and obligatory grounds that all who were eligible for the benefits provided by the state should be willing to accept them when offered...


Disabled persons, were, therefore, accepted as members of the Hitler Youth, no matter what their disability was with the exception of those of mental deficient or criminal degenerate psychological nature...

Disabled members of the HJ were not, of course, allowed to participate in military activities, or those which would endanger the lives of themselves or other persons (viz. flying, gliding and motor vehicle activities, etc.). The Hitler Youth provided a recreational and political diversion, and replaced activities that were prohibited by their disablement with craft instruction that would serve them during their adult life (eg. carpentry, light manual duties, clerical work, and advanced education that would assist them in making use of themselves within their capabilities).


"The Jewish World, February 9, 1883“The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations —a greater Judaism in fact —all the separate races and religions shall disappear.”


Pre-Versailles was the Treaty of Brest Litovsk (Germany and Russia) March 1918:Germany won and forced Russia to sign a treaty."One of the terms of the treaty was that Soviet Russia ceded the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) to Germany. It also recognized the independence of Ukraine and renounced Russia's claims to Finland and Belarus. The treaty stated that 'Germany and Austria-Hungary intend to determine the future fate of these territories in agreement with their populations.'The treaty, however, was effectively terminated in November 1918, when Germany was betrayed from within and forced to surrender to the Allies." On to the Versailles Treaty.


-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize laureate novelist, historian and one of communism's greatest enemies. His most famous books are: The Gulag Archipelago II, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and 200 Years Together“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the 'Russian Revolution.' It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.


”Soviet Jewish monster Ilya Ehrenburg's 1942-43 book Vojna (The War):'The Germans are not human beings [PER THE JEW TALMUD]. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day... If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German before combat... If you kill one German, kill another -there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German -this is your old mother's prayer. Kill the German -this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the German -this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.”


-Hoito Edoin, The Night Tokyo Burned: The Incendiary Campaign Against Japan, March -August, 1945, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1987. p.120'America has revealed her barbaric character before in the terror bombings of civilian populations in Hamburg, Berlin, and other German cities, in her destruction of priceless cultural monuments in various parts of Europe, in her sinking of innumerable hospital ships, and in countless other acts of savagery beyond mention. But the raids on Tokyo and Nagoya with the last few days have demonstrated more spectacularly than ever the fiendish character of the American enemy.


'For these recent raids have been the most unquestionable examples of calculated terror bombing. Raining flaming incendiaries over a vast area of civilian dwellings, the raiders can make no excuse of having aimed at military or industrial installations.'It was an attempt at mass murder of women and children who had no connection with war production or any activity directly connected with the war. There can be no other result than to strengthen the conviction of every Japanese that there can be no slackening of the war effort... 'The action of the Americans is allthe more despicable because of the noisy pretensions they constantly make about their humanity and idealism. They are the first to accuse others of atrocities, raising loud protests over claims of alleged Japanese mistreatment of prisoners of war and alleged Japanese destruction in the zones of hostility. But even the most extravagant of the false American charges against the Japanese pale into insignificance beside the actual acts of deliberate American terror against civilian populations. No one expects war to be anything but a brutal business, but it remains for the Americans to make it systematically and unnecessarily a wholesale horror for innocent civilians.


'Sir Stephen Henry Roberts (February 16, 1901 -1971) was an Australian academic, author, historian, international analyst and university vice-chancellor. Roberts visited Germany from 1935-1937 and interviewed Adolf Hitler, writing his impressions for his 1937 book 'The House That Hitler Built'. The above quotation is from said book....He is so transparently honest when he is weaving visions of his own creation that nobody can doubt him. He is ready, like a medieval saint, to go through fire and water for his beliefs... He sees himself as a crusader; he thinks the whole time of saving mankind. That is why he reaches such a stage of mystical exaltation when he talks about saving the world from Bolshevism. It is the old Siegfried complex once again. Just as the young German knight of old went out into the dim, dark forests to kill dragons, so he goesout to exterminate Bolshevism.


'Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of famous aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh'Hitler is a very great man, like an inspired religious leader, and as such rather fanatical, but not scheming, not selfish, not greedy for power, but a mystic, a visionary who really wants the best for his country.'


Hans Siegel, Sturmbannführer (Major) in the Waffen-SS during WWII. One of the war's bravest soldiers, he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, and was wounded a whopping nine times in combat.'...Naturally the media is false in America and Germany. After the war the people of Germany had to say they were against Hitler. They had to say that, otherwise they would be punished, because if the truth about Hitler ever came out people would lose their faith and religion just like the liars of the Old Testament. The media watches like hell to make sure the truth doesn't come out.


'William Lyon Mackenzie King, prime minister of Canada for 18½ years, taken from his diary entry of June 29, 1937.'My sizing up of the man [Hitler] as I sat and talked with him was that he is really one who truly loves his fellow-man, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good. He is a man of deep sincerity and a genuine patriot. As I talked with him, I could not but think of Joan of Arc. The world will yet come to see a very great man. He is distinctly a mystic...


'Anne Lindbergh wrote in her diary:'... I have the greatest faith in [Lindbergh] as a person —in his integrity, his courage, and his essential goodness, fairness, and kindness —his nobility really... How then [to] explain my profound feeling of grief about what he is doing? If what he said is the truth (and I am inclined to think it is), why was it wrong to state it? He was naming the groups that were pro-war. No one minds his naming the British or the Administration. But to name "Jew" is un-American —even if it is done without hate or even criticism. Why?'"We have attacked and combatted every type of depravity, infamy, deception, and corruption which has accumulated in our Volk since the ill-fated Treaty of Versailles.This Movement is committed to the task of restoring loyalty, faith and decency to their rightful position, without respect of person. For eight months we have been waging a heroic battle against the Communist threat to our Volk, the decomposition of our culture, the subversion of our art, and the poisoning of our public morality. We have put an END TO DENIAL OF GOD and abuse of religion."AH Oct 14th, 1933


EH Peterson in “Underlying Causes of our National Depression”, 1934 showed the principles of Communism (Marxism/Bolshevsm) are Satanic:“Public ownership, no inheritance, no vote, no family right of existence, state right to children, profaned marriage, compulsory labor, enforced censorship, no free speech, intolerance, no patriotism, perverted morals, debased womanhood, abolishment of ordered government and enforced atheism.”


Articles from NYT March 19th, 1919-Soviets control Buenos Aires Port-Berlin changed to city of gloom. Gayety for a few only. People call the revolt madeness.-Misery in Siberia told by Ackerman; Correspondent who went to far east for the times speaks at Columbia; The result of bolshevis; Vladivostock packed with refugees-Swann to look into anti-red million; invites clyde p steen ; collect funds to kill bolshevism-Lithuania and Estonia push soviets back.


-Jan 6th1933 per “The Jewish Chronicle” “Over one third of the jews in Russia have become officials.”


Interview with Albert Stenwedel, Knight's Cross winner and Battalion Commander of the 13. SS-Gebirgs Division Handschar, Hamburg, 1993:


"It was not just the purge of Röhm; it was of the entire SA staff. You see, it is hard to speak of this, but I know who you know, so I can share. I was an early member of the SS, and fully supported the SA; they are the ones who broke the Red grip on the cities. The SA was largely held together by former soldiers, and patriotic men who wanted to defeat Moscow. They endured much hardship due to the vicious nature of the Reds, their families attacked, homes attacked, and many gave their lives. The Reds would throw bricks, firebombs, and knives at them when they marched. The police could do little to help, even though they were mostly on our side. There were times the Reds attacked them too, it was nice to see them get justice. The SA stood strong and fought back about the Red terror and in the end prevailed, as the German people saw through the lies of the Jewish media that protected them.


To tell you about the action you must first know that the SA lost its way after 1933, many of the men were corrupted. They carried very bad habits picked up from the Weimar era, into the National Socialist revolution. Some wanted to keep fighting to take full control and depose Hindenburg. Others wanted to have multiple leaders, not just one, as they felt everyone should lead. Some were Marxists who had infiltrated the SA and were secretly trying to push their ideology. A very tiny clique were sexual perverts who pushed their poison now that they had power. We uncovered child sex, homosexuality, and drug use. Some liked young prostitutes which were quite popular in Jewish circles, many were non-European, which was easy to exploit. Some of the first acts in 1933 were to end this madness once and for all. This did not sit well with these perverts and they started talking revolt. This went up the ladder all the way to Röhm.


Loyal SA men reported this to the Führer, who met with Reichsführer-SS Himmler to discuss the response. It was decided the SA leadership had to be purged of these sentiments, so mass arrests were made and those who were guilty of high treason and other offenses were executed. There was no room in National Socialist Germany for treason, fraud, and homosexuals. That is all that can be said of this incident, the guilty were punished, and the SS rose as the loyal arm of the party. The SA still stayed together but the core was removed and their efforts now became to help rebuild Germany, many going into theRAD and civil service. Many more went into the rebuilding of the military, becoming good soldiers, the more faithful came to the SS. Those of the LAH who helped tear down this revolt were given special daggers by Reichsführer -SS Himmler with a dedication on the back blade. These are prized pieces that are a solemn remembrance of helping to cleanse the movement.


"Letter from State Secretary Weizsacker to the German legation in Kabul, Oct 3, 1940:”The Afghan minister called on me on September 30 and conveyed greetings from his minister president, as well as their good wishes for a favorable outcome of the war. He inquired whether German aims in Asia coincided with Afghan hopes; he alluded to the oppression of Arab countries and referred to the 15 million Afghans who were forced to suffer on Indian territory. My statement that Germany's goal was the liberation of the peoples of the region referred to [those] who were under the British yoke... was received with satisfaction by the Afghan minister.... The Afghan remarked that Afghanistan had given proof of her loyal attitude by vigorously resisting English pressure to break off relations with Germany.


”General George Van Horn Mosely, 1939“All subversive activities are largely dependent upon false propaganda. The latest case of such propaganda is in connection with the war just closed in Spain, where, our sympathies were worked upon in the interest of the so-called Loyalist government, one of the vilest governments in all history, now that the curtain has been raised and we see the complete picture. During the progress of that war, the press would not accept anything to the contrary. From coast to coast our people were fed with the most unfortunate kind of propaganda."


*UnzReview article (now deleted) –Advertisement for the Delano (Fidelity & Deposit Co) family selling bonds/real estate in Germany in late 20’s/early 30’s (Speculators).


Interview Scharführer Hans Thiesen from Totenkopf Division, October 1998""We had a terrific sense of duty, that for thelast time the Bolshevist menace to the world would be over. On June 21 our leaders pulled all battalions in for briefings, ours spoke for roughly an hour. He said a great battle was about to begin between Germany and our allies and Jewish Bolshevism. He was a professor before the war, and studied Russia and its history; he said to prepare for a long war, but hope for a short campaign. Something I should like to mention to you is that he stressed to us that we would be at war against an ideology, not the Russian people......


a few Wehrmacht soldiers had prisoners. Our Obersturmführer went over to speak to them and give them water. He told us later that they were happy to be captured and asked if they could help us. That was surprising, but the speech I heard the night before rang out, we are at war with an ideology, not the people. We started to see more and more prisoners on the roads, I was surprised to see so many. It was said that Stalin wanted to attack us, and these vast numbers of men and equipment wesaw support this.... The Red Army became more Eastern-looking by 1942."


......The first prisoners we took were European Russians, they hated the bolshevists as much as we did, and they wanted their country freed. We ate with a group of officers who were captured, and our Obersturmführer translated, saying they had been forbidden to worship, lived in poor housing, and when asked about the condition of Jews, said they all lived in good areas now, unlike during the Tsar, who kept them in ghettos. They felt the Jews had a leading role in the revolution, and kept their heel on the Russian people's throats. Many of their friends disappeared without a trace, and asked if we could investigate after we won. Our leaders decided that we could allow some of the prisoners to stay with us if they wanted, the officers would go back to Germany for debriefings, and talk was running high how many would join us to fight. I want to add that in the beginning, we felt no hatred to the Russians, they came out to greet us with what little food and drink that they had.....


"Karl Marx (Lenin and Stalin based their movements on)-Ancestors on both sides of his family had rabbi’s in it.-Marx’s mom was Henriette Pressberg who’s sister married into the family that owns Philips, the massive international electronics co. Lion Philips, from that wealthy banking/industrial family, helped finance Karl Marx after Marx was exiled.Henriette Pressberg’s mom was Nanette Salomon Barent-Cohen (Karl Marx’s grandma) whose uncle’s side (Levy Barent Cohen) of the family married into the Rothschild family (Hannah Barent Cohen).-Nathan Rothschild (banker) also helped finance Karl Marx (checks are/were on display in a British Museum).-Odd that people with all the money in the world would want to financesomeone like Marx right????? Communism is nothing without the financial elite backing it.


Benjamin Disraeli, "Lord George Bentinck: a political biography", 1852"They [jews] may be traced in the last outbreak [1848 marxist revolution] of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. ....... the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments, and men of Jewish race are foundat the head of every one of them. The people of God [NO] co-operate with atheists ; the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with communists ; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe. And all this because they wish to destroy that un-grateful Christendom ..... When the secret societies, in February 1848, surprised Europe, they were themselves surprised by the unexpected opportunity, and so little capable were they of seizing the occasion, that had it not been for the Jews."


"I dedicated Olympia to all the nations and athletes that took part in the 1936 games, the Führer asked that the film give equal representation to all nations, not just Germany, as he wanted the world to see we were fair. I try not to get into politics, and revisionism; however, I want to mention that the world’s media made such a fuss about the American Jessie Owens, who was very popular in Germany, winning gold medals. Supposedly making a mockery of Germany and Hitler. The truth is that Germany dominated the medal count, applauded the Negro athlete, and ended up having one of the best showings up to that time, of any nation. I met him personally and he was very impressed with Germany, and how our society welcomed him without judgement, something he lamented did not happen in his own nation.Stories about the Führer deliberately not shaking his hand are false, and the Führer did meet with him and other athletes who did not receive a handshake. The world’s media has this wrong." -Leni Riefenstahl


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A few comments on Germany, Heydrich and the Czechs.


"There is a difference between National Socialism and German rule. You no doubt are referring to my father’s good friend Reinhard Heydrich when you speak of Czechoslovakia. He was assassinated because he was so good to the people, it is a good study of the way the Allies twist history to their liking and use the Czechs as pawns. They were ruled by Germany, and under occupation, which many did not like, it had nothing to do with National Socialism. Heydrich brought National Socialist ideas to the people and vastly started to improve their lives during a war in which everyone had to sacrifice.

He was assigned to govern an occupied people, but because he brought in a better standard for farmers and workers, the people were very receptive to his leadership. He came to be very liked and respected, my father wanted to model his style for all occupied areas to turn the people to our side. The English claim he was so evil and bad, a “hangman” sending thousands to their deaths. It was so bad, they claim, they had to train a kill team to go in and kill the murderer. The problem with this story is that if he was so bad to the people, the Allies would have loved it, it would have made the people ready to aid the Allies in any way, and instead it took a vast underground Allied spy network of non-Czechs to get information as the people refused to help.

Only Czechs motivated by politics, mainly communists and Jews were the “resistance”. During the funeral for Heydrich, thousands upon thousands of Czechs turned out to bid him farewell. The real reason he was killed was that he was so good; the English then spread disinformation to us saying it was Czech partisans rising up with help from the people. Those in charge fell for that claim, and came down harshly on people even if just by rumor, something Heydrich would have been against as he would have wanted hard evidence.

France was the same way; the people were treated very well, only the die-hard communists formed a resistance, which the average French person wanted no part of. My father was proud of the French who sent many people to help us, either in the factories or the front. So yes, there were those opposed to German rule, but many more were receptive to the ideas of National Socialism and saw a future that was very bright for all Europeans. It is too bad we were not given the luxury of being able to un-occupy these people and turn them over to true National Socialist leaders. The war made the occupation necessary to secure our borders from enemy invasion." - Gudrun Himmler (Burwitz)


" I saw the way the people were treated and how they behaved. When my husband was appointed the protector, it meant exactly what the word means, to protect. When he came into this position, he was disheartened that NS Germany was kind to other nations, but Czech was not treated exactly the same, as their former leaders were anti-German.

He went to work to change that by ordering better rations, working conditions, paid holidays and trips, less control, and better access to him. He wanted the people to buy into helping Germany win, and assured them they would have their voices heard. It worked, as production soared and sabotage was nonexistent. It is a great lie that he was killed because he was bad, in truth he was killed because he was so good and the people liked him. The Allies who authorized the killing jumped at the chance to kill a top official, which was against the rules of war. Communists were trained by the English and sent in.

The outpouring of grief and support by the people of Prag is undeniable, long lines paid a final farewell, would they have done this if he were a “hangman” as claimed by the victors? I can recall many acts of compassion and charity my man showed the people, he always wanted to show a good example of NS in action. I remember a story my man told me where a Czech family had their daughter raped by a Polish man in 1939, he was arrested but charged under Polish law and jailed. They came to my husband and asked that he face justice according to German law since Germany oversaw the territory where the attack happened.

My husband reviewed the case, and then ordered the police in that area to remove and execute the rapist according to German law. The family thanked him by bringing flowers and gifts to show their gratitude, and telling him their daughter now did not live in fear that her attacker was still alive.

I never heard the name [Lidice] until after the war, from what I understand there was a small group in Czechoslovakia who resisted German rule, and you call them partisans. Part of the group went to England to get money and supplies for the assassination, and they stored what they brought back in Lidice. The town's people all knew they were there and what they were doing. They promised the people that the Allies were coming to help them, and the Germans would be gone soon.

They town’s people illegally aided them, and hid them. Not one notified the police; they allowed Allied weapons and communication equipment to be hidden in homes. They became Francs-tireurs [partisans/terrorists] due to passively, or actively aiding illegal operations against the government. The men were shot, the women sent to prison. German Police were dealing with the harsh reality of terrorists in the Balkans and the Front. The measures had to be hard to deter further attacks, and punish the guilty. I will tell you from what I have heard from other SS men, the terrorists they fought were sadistic killers, many times killing innocents to try to make a point.

It is interesting to me today that these people are now hailed as heroes getting parks and streets named after them. If the world only knew the truth, they would scorn them and condemn them." - Lina Heydrich, the loyal wife of Reinhard Heydrich


"The Fuhrer had a dream of a society of not just Germans, but all Europeans united due to the common bonds we share. Race, religion, culture, and history all unite us, yet our history is one of war and hatred. He tried to stop this, but sadly, war made it worse in some respects. I believe due largely to the allies sending in agents to stir up people against us. If we had an effective person, Like Heydrich, who was uniting the Czech people to help us, they were killed. I do not believe he was bad at all; he was kind and charitable to the people, not a killer in the least. He was killed because he was so effective.

The allies claim agents were sent in to kill him as he was too cruel to the Czech people, they really must think people are stupid. If your enemy is cruel to a subjugated people, you want that, as the people would be more willing to help you, you do not kill someone doing you a favor. I met him many times; he was a man of honor and civility." - former Gauleiter Rudolf Jordan


"I remember 1938, when Germany was given back the land, people were ecstatic and had a sense that relief had come. There is even a famous German photograph that Time Life has been showing where a woman in the midst of others is giving the Hitler greeting and weeping. They caption this as a Czech woman crying due to the German invasion, but in truth, it is a German woman who lost her husband due to Czech criminals, and she is weeping because she is happy to be under German protection again." - Wilhelm Norkus, a veteran of 29th Panzer Regiment


"Heydrich was killed by Allied agents, whom today claim they killed him because he was terrible to the Czech people. This is a complete lie, he was sent to the protectorate as the Reichsführer-SS felt he was humane, and could unite the Czech people to help the war effort. He was very successful, their productivity grew, and they were happy. The Reichsführer-SS even bragged about getting letters telling him how happy they were with Heydrich. He was that good.

Agents whom our enemies coached and trained were sent in to kill him as they hoped it would stop the good he was doing, and cause the population to think twice about working with us. They would also propagandize any reprisals carried out against the agents. Which they did, accusing us of raising a town called Liddice, but I am skeptical of any Allied claims, they are either false or misrepresented. In short, he was killed because he was such a good leader and human being." - Dr. Martin Sandberger former member of the SS and head of various departments for internal security, including the Sonderkommando 1a of Einsatzgruppe A, as well as the Sicherheitspolizei and SD.

An excerpt from a 1988 interview done with Ilse [her husband was friends with Himmler], Lebensborn nurse at Steinhoring, Germany from 1936 to 1945.

She was asked the question:

"Can I ask you what all the “racial purity” is about? This is something that our schoolbooks and media mock and tell us is typical vulgar Nazism and a myth."

Her response, and this is important to understand:

"Well, the world’s media is to this very day in the hands of the very people we tried to expose and root out of positions of influence. To them, race does not matter, it is a man made creation that divides and creates borders. They are a people without borders, and fight a hidden war against the European people, to break down what unites us in a common bond. In Germany, they delighted in promoting the destruction of races by bringing in Africans, Indians, and Orientals to mix with German women who were left depressed and desperate due to lost spouses from the first war.

RFSS Himmler was not the first to bring racial awareness to the attention of the masses; he was the first one who had the means to make it into a workable practice. What I mean by all this is that the first war decimated Europe’s gene pool, some of the best men falling, many without having children. One of the first tasks of the NSDAP was rebuilding the family, making it possible for a man and woman to be happy and debt free so they could have as many children as they could to keep the nation growing.

One task was to make sure Germany had German children to carry on the culture of the ancestors. These ancestors were Aryan, which is a blanket statement for white, but specifically refers to fair skin, eyes, and hair. The RFSS believed this type to be the purer form of the white race, which God created from the beginning. It was only through race mixing that darker traits crept into the bloodlines of the European peoples. This happened during various conquests and invasions in our long history. Enter the Jew into Europe 700 years earlier, and this started the fraternization of Aryans with Jews.

Some Jews wanted desperately to look like the very people they were living with, while some held to strict marriage rules; others looked to become as Aryan as they could, all while still being Jewish. This class was more interested in money and power, than keeping their Ashkenazi appearance. Over several decades, many a German fell to the advances and power of these aliens.

NS holds that no one has the right to impose their will on the people, if it does not come from the people. The Jews in Germany were a tiny minority, yet owned a disproportionate size of business’s and wealth, so their will was freely carried out. They used this wealth and power to divide and destroy the morals and very structure that our faith, history, and culture had built. Because of this, they are seen as an enemy within who can’t be trusted, and who will never be German.

The SS was created as a way for Germans to return to the ways of our ancestors, to preserve the culture we inherited. For those wanting to join, they had to prove that they had no race mixing in their bloodline for at least 200 years. This was designed to keep out any of the Germans who had blood from the non-whites who were brought into Germany, including Jews. The RFSS once gave a speech, in which he said, “that it should always be the goal of every person on earth to want their children to look like them, to carry on the very culture that they were born into”.

This is what racial purity is all about, keeping intact what has been. To this idea, we were dedicated."

Some quotes from a book titled Mr. Jacobs from 1888. Lots of error in it but a ton of great info as well.

"Judaism, however, is still confident of success.
........ It is the Jew of to-day who has replaced violence with treachery and fraud. Silent, progressive, serpent-like, slow encroachment
has succeeded the boisterous invasion of old. No
more armed hordes announce their arrival with cries,
but separate companies wind their way slowly, group
by group, and take possession without noise, of all
places, of all functions of a country, from the lowest
to the highest." 


"Horrible thing to be told, the miserable Polish Jews, as soon as they saw the enemy [French] in retreat, began to throw our wounded soldiers out of the windows, and sometimes even to strangle them, thus getting rid of them, after having despoiled them of everything. A sad homage offered to the Russians, the partisans of whom they were." - Adolphe Thiers in is book "Histoire du Consulat et de l' Empire." [discussing what the jews did to French soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War] 


"He [jew] can exist only in the midst of a civilization he has not created."


"Morality itself has always been understood by that race in a manner different from ours. The Jew recognizes duties peculiar to himself. To carry out his vengeance, avenge that which he believes to be his right, is, with him, a sort of obligation. On the other hand, to ask him to keep his word, render justice in a disinterested manner, is to ask him to do the impossible. There is nothing that takes the place in these passionate souls of the indomitable sentiment of I." - Ernst Renan


"[The jew is] The stain in the picture of civilization, the bad genius of the earth. His gifts are pests. To fight the Semitic ideas is the duty of the Aryan race. " - Gustave Tridon in his book "Le Molochisme Juif"


"The Jews yearn for whatever flatters their vanity. They seek with grotesque eagerness military titles, titles of baron and count, which look as well on those manipulators of money as the hat of a woman upon monkey."


"In a word, the Jew corrupts everything that exists."


"The dancing halls, where the youth of by-gone days amused themselves in an honest way, have degenerated into a place of prostitution, thanks to the Jew Markowski, and the androgynous Wolff. Thus while these low creatures commit these infamous acts in France and elsewhere, they have the effrontery to screen themselves by declaring, 'Behold how low France has fallen ! Behold her literature ! Behold what she is producing !"


''Most of the Jews, even the educated, have a peculiar accent that
causes them easily to be recognized. It is a mark of
race common among the Jews of all nations." - Richard Andree in his book "Interesting ObservationsRespecting the Jews"


"During centuries they have monopolized the profession of medicine, which rendered espionage easy by permitting them to enter everywhere, but never for a minute did they think of the circulation of the blood. The Jew doctors of that period were a thousand times more ignorant in a scientfic point of view than their contemporaries."


"Physical degradation closely follows upon moral degradation. This is strongly remarked among the Jews, who, of all races of men, are the most depraved." - Johann Lavatar 


"The Christians open their arms to the unfortunate. They are ready to respond to an appeal, hut they do not keep close together. Accustomed, which is after all quite natural, to consider themselves at home in a country that belongs to them, they do not think of mustering their ranks in close array to resist the Jew. Accordingly, the Jew can easily attack us with surprising insolence.
To-day it is a merchant whose capital the Jew covets, and the entire Jewish commercial world combines to force him into bankruptcy. To-morrow it is a writer who has wounded them, and whom the Jews reduce to despair, perhaps to drunkenness or madness. Again,  there is a gentleman bearing a time-honored name, and who, unwittingly perhaps, has rudely accosted a spurious Jew baron. Plans are immediately formulated to procure for the unfortunate a Jewish mistress for blackmailing purposes. Sometimes no efforts are spared to engage the victim into a supposed advantageous affair. His hopes are aroused by a first gain, but finally ruin and perhaps infamy are branded upon his once fair name.
Had the merchant, the writer, and the aristocrat united, they would have escaped, they would have mutually defended one another. Each would have brought assistance to the other ; but they succumbed, without even suspecting who was their cruel enemy."


"Why should God have created the Jews if it were not to serve as spies? " - Bismark


"Sedecias poisoned Charles the Bald. The Jew
Meire poisoned Henry III., of Castile ; the Council of Ten discussed, on the 9th of July, 1477, the proposition of the Jew, Salomoneini, and of his brother,
who offered to have Mahomet II. poisoned by his physician, the Jew Valcho. The Jew Lopez, physician to
Queen Elizabeth, was hanged for allowing himself to
be bribed by Philip II. The Jew Louis Goldsmith
served as a spy to Talleyrand, in England, during the
First Empire. The Jew Michel was guillotined for
having surrendered to Russian military documents.
Another Jew, a few years ago, stole the plans of the
Russian War Office. Only to-day, October 26, 1887, the
notorious Jew, Menzil Mark, one of General Boulanger's spies, stole from the commander of a garrison
in Austrian Galicia the plans of three forts, and fled
with them to Russia. Who does not remember the
repeated attempts made by the Jewess Kaulla to
seize the plans of the French mobilization ? The
Jew, Gustave Klootz, betrayed General Hicks, who
was destroyed with his army by the soldiers of Mahdi.
The renowned poet, Krazjewski, trusted himself to the
Jew Adler, who sold him to Prussia, and the old Polish
bard was cast into a fortress."

" It is what the Jews call 'to commit a Korban'. Such a Jew, who will, by the aid of his coreligionists, reduce to despair or suicide a Christian merchant whose place he covets, will be, in the estimation of his own people, the most charitable, the most serviceable, the most disinterested of friends." - Johann Eisenmenger in his book "Judaism Exposed"


"The Jew—let this remark be well kept in mind—will never
be the equal of the Gentile [should read white Christian]. He either cringes before you or seeks to crush you. He is either above you or
below you, never your equal."

From Michael Gaddy:



“By the power to lay and collect imposts, they may impose duties on any or every article of commerce imported into these States to what amount they please. By the power to lay excises, a power very odious in its nature, since it authorises officers to go into your houses, your kitchens, your cellars, and to examine into your private concerns: the Congress may impose duties on every article of use or consumption, on the food that we eat, on the liquors we drink, on the clothes that we wear, the glass which enlighten our houses, or the hearths necessary for our warmth and comfort. By the power to lay and collect taxes, they may proceed to direct taxation on every individual either by a capitation tax on their heads, or an assessment on their property. By this part of the section therefore, the government has a power to lay what duties they please on goods imported; to lay what duties they please afterwards on whatever we use or consume; to impose stamp duties to what amount they please, and in whatever case they please: afterwards to impose on the people direct taxes, by capitation tax, or by assessment, to what amount they choose, and thus to sluice them at every vein as long as they have a drop of blood, without any controul, limitation, or restraint; while all the officers for collecting these taxes, stamp duties, imposts, and excises, are to be appointed by the general government, under its directions, not accountable to the States; nor is there even a security that they shall be citizens of the respective States, in which they are to exercise their offices; at the same time the construction of every law imposing any and all these taxes and duties, and directing the collection of them, and every question arising thereon, and on the conduct of the officers appointed to execute these laws, and to collect these taxes and duties so various in their kinds, are taken away from the courts of justice of the different States, and confined to the courts of the general government, there is to be heard and determined by judges holding their offices under the appointment not of the States, but of the general government.”

More inflammatory and completely absurd rhetoric and lies from FDR regarding Germany in October of 1941, trying to whip up hatred so he could get the US into the war.  

Here (October) he claims Germany attacked a US ship. However on September 11th HE (FDR) issued a "shoot on sight" order to attack German submarines. So FDR had US ships attacking German subs. What did he think was going to happen?

Then he makes the ludicrous claim that Germany had plans to divide up South America....

And then an even more absurd claim that Germany had plans to abolish all religions..... thats literally the plan HE AND HIS ONE WORLD JEW CONSPIRATORS HAD (and have).....

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